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PYLUSD Induction Calendar

Individualized Learning Plan

Becoming Consciously Competent

Induction Flowchart- The ILP Process.png
plan teach reflect apply cycle.jpg

Becoming Consciously Competent

One of our main goals is to help teachers become "consciously competent:" that is, each teacher grows to become an effective educator and can also explain why he or she is effective. This is the most powerful and important outcome of our Mentor/Candidate coaching relationships. To the left is our flowchart for the Instructional Learning Plan (ILP) process.


Throughout the process, teachers engage in inquiry by following a Plan-Teach-Reflect-Apply cycle wherein they set goals and collect both evidence and data to demonstrate competency and growth in one CSTP. This is documented on the Instructional Learning Plan, or ILP. (You will notice that the six CSTPs are color-coded for ease of use and clarity.)


Induction work is not intended to be completed alone. Each of the question prompts on the ILP are topics of discussion to be recorded throughout the process with your Mentor. Additionally, you will collaborate with other support personnel who will help you meet the needs of all students. Once per ILP, you will meet with your Site Administrator--the instructional leader at your site--via a Triad Meeting to share your ILP goals and receive valuable feedback and instructional guidance. The responses on Induction forms may be typed into the various documents by you or your Mentor using bullet points or prose format.