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Entry-level Assessment

The entry-level assessment measures student mastery of preceding sets of content standards that serve as prerequisite building blocks for the content forthcoming. Typically, the prerequisite knowledge was learned in preceding years or in separate courses. An entry-level assessment also helps the teacher determine what (if anything) in the planned course of instruction has already been mastered by students.


Because you'll want to show growth, you should test for both prerequisite AND new content in your short entry-level assessment.

Progress-monitoring Assessments

Progress-monitoring assessments (also called formative assessments) measure the extent to which students have mastered (or are mastering) the content sufficiently to proceed in the logical sequence of instruction. You'll do these formally (quizzes, homework, Cornell Notes, etc.) and informally (thumbs-up/down/sideways, exit tickets, etc.) many times throughout a unit of study. Here's a great link to help you with these.

Summative Assessment

A summative assessment occurs at the end of a unit of study and measures the extent to which students have mastered the content, understand the content well, and are able to apply the knowledge meaningfully.


Note: Effective educators use summative assessments as formative assessments, reteaching the content that students did not master so that they understand all key standards before moving on to the next unit of study.

Sample Assessments

prim elem ex.jpg
upper elem ex.jpg
MS ex.jpg
HS ex.jpg