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How to Save Induction Events to Your Google Calendar

Go to the Induction Calendar to the right.


Click on each event you need to attend and then click the hyperlink that says "copy to my calendar."

Induction Calendar

Program Pacing Guides

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(Please sign up on PDExpress for the events you are attending prior to the date of the event) *All topics in the description column are subject to change


Candidates (PTs) and Mentors (CTs) are required to attend the first AAC meeting, the Colloquium, and *3 additional Advice and Assistance and/or 3 Love and Logic Modules throughout the year.




9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom Training Series
Attend ONE class session for each module. Start times are flexible. Participants who attend all nine modules are eligible to receive 3 college credits. Details to follow in August/September.
  Skill 4:00-6:00 4:30-6:30
Module 1 Neutralizing Student Arguing Wed. 9/27/17 Tues. 10/3/17
Module 2 Delayed Consequences Mon. 10/9/17 Wed.10/18/17
Module 3 Empathy Thurs. 11/9/17 Tues. 11/7/17
Module 4 The Recovery Process Tues. 12/12/17 Tues. 12/5/17
Module 5 Developing Positive Teacher/Student Relationships Wed. 1/10/18 Thurs. 1/24/18
Module 6 Setting Limits with Enforceable Statements Tues. 2/13/18 Wed. 2/28/18
Module 7 Using Choices to Prevent Power Struggles Tues. 3/13/18 Wed. 3/14/18
Module 8 Quick and Easy Preventative Interventions Mon. 4/9/18 Tues. 4/10/18
Module 9 Guiding Students to Own and Solve Their Problems Thurs. 5/3/17 Wed. 5/9/17