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What if we're not the right fit?

If you are having trouble with your Participating Teacher, we have a Protocol for Changing a Candidate form. Please read through the form and then contact Kelly Farrell with any questions at 714-985-8641 or x61641.

The Heart of Our Program

We Love Our Mentors!

Being an Induction Mentor is a major commitment, but it's also one of the most noble leadership positions in our field. Induction Mentors coach and advise new teachers while working alongside them in the field.  Most importantly, Mentors are the heart of our program. When Induction Candidates talk about PYLUSD Induction, their Mentor is usually at the core of their positive feedback. The relationships they form support new teachers well into their careers, long after they earn their clear credentials.

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When/Where to Meet

Mentors and Candidates usually meet in one of their classrooms. Sometimes, the meetings are just between the two, and other times, additional Candidates join the meeting to collaborate. 


Regardless of the structure, you may want to consider the following strategies for successful meetings:

  • Try to meet at the same time and day each week
  • Consider each meeting "Sacred Time"do not schedule tutoring or additional activities on this afternoon
  • Work with two computers/laptops to increase productivity
  • Type notes directly into the document for your Candidate while he/she talks (he/she can edit it later!)
  • Spend part of the meeting on "just-in-time" topics by helping your Candidate with urgent needs. Then move on to Induction work and longer-term goals.

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