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Fill Someone's Bucket

In their bestselling book, How Full is Your Bucket?, Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton propose that we can be "bucket fillers" or "bucket dippers," with just a compliment (which fills someone's bucket) or negative comment (which dips from their bucket). Fill someone's bucket by saying telling us something great about someone else in our program, be it Consulting Teacher, Participating Teacher, Site Administrator, or anyone else who made your day!



Personalized Support

"Beth Mazurier has been an amazing support to me. Not only has she provided valuable expertise and knowledge this past year, she has also been so in tune to my needs. She knows instinctively what makes me nervous, what I feel confident about, and when I just need to breathe. She has helped me manage my time so that my stress level is minimal. I felt such gratitude at the end of last year when I realized I had completed all my requirements for Year One with plenty of time left over to focus on year-end events. I don't believe I can ever say enough or express my gratitude enough to do Beth justice!!!" -Sharon Bethencourt, PT

Committed Colleague

"Alyson Dixon is truly one of the reasons that I am inspired by my colleagues at Valencia HS on a daily basis. She is thoughtful, understanding, and always willing to be my advocate when I am feeling timid to do so myself, as a first year teacher. She commits more time, energy, and compassionately-driven thought into her craft than seems possible, and yet still she manages to save enough of herself to make her peers and students feel valued everyday. I am thankful and lucky to have her as a mentor, colleague, and friend." 

-Christine Williams, PT

True Innovators

"Becca Bonet and Emily Greenberg are, simply said, wonderful! They are not afraid to try anything! They are eager to try new strategies: some work exceptionally well, others are tucked away to try with a different class, but they always get some valuable nugget out of that effort. :) They are so willing, energetic, and professional that working with them is an absolute joy! They have amazing insight and valuable dialogue that make our weekly PT sessions seem to fly by. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to help guide them in their first years in the PYLUSD and at VHS! We are lucky to have them!" -Sue Sawyer, CT

Mentor of Mentors

"Janmarie Halliday is an amazing mentor. Even though her position as a CT says she is mentoring new teachers, she still mentors veteran teachers and other CTs with her wisdom, kindness, and thoughtfulness. She sets the example and always has a smile on her face!" -Sue Sawyer, CT

Above and Beyond

"SUE SAWYER IS AWESOME! She always goes over and beyond what is needed and expected of her. Every time there is a show or event she needs to film she gets it done, regardless of obstacles such as last minute schedule changes, working with flaky students and faulty technology. She is always positive and encouraging! I'm so blessed to have her as my CT! Good job, Sue! Keep up the great work and positive role modeling!" -PT Rebecca Bonet 

New Google FACT Documents

"I just have to say that I love the "Why?" component added to the C-2 document. That is so important. I often find that this is missing in Math which is why students sometimes tune out. They don't see the importance of what they are learning. Love it! Great job! =)" -PT Mallory Monasterio


Innovative Technology

"Melanie Carmona is AMAZING! What a great way to start the year with the Induction website that allows us to add all the dates for the A&A meetings and the CT meetings directly to our calendars with the simple click of a button! HOLY MOLY! That was easy and painless.
You are my Tech God, Mel!!
" -Sue Sawyer

Teacher Appreciation

"I would like to thank Lauren Thayer for all she does for our campus. During teacher appreciation week, she provides supplies and candy and her students make teacher appreciation cards for all of our teachers. It is such a thoughtful and giving gesture. Not only is she teaching her students to be kind and thoughtful, she boosts the morale of our whole staff and contributes to our culture of pride, tradition, and excellence. Thank you Lauren!!!" -Alyson Dixon, CT

Passion for Practice

"I am so fortunate to work with Christine Williams because of her passion for her practice. Her plate this year is full. Not only is she a coach, a club advisor, a participating teacher, a wife and mother, she has also taught two (TWO!) extra periods. Every day, Christine shows her commitment to her students and their success. She brings in outside resources as well her own extensive knowledge in American Studies. She is a valuable asset to our department, and I am so thankful I get to work with her!" -Alyson Dixon, CT

Sharing Strategies

"Just wanted to say thanks to Shealee (Dunavan). I observed her for one of my BTSA observation days and gleaned so much from her great teaching techniques. One thing (out of many) that I implemented was her use of the "on deck" chair. Shealee has a chair next to her IWB and whenever she calls a student up to use the wand she also calls up a student to be "on deck" and wait for their turn to use the IWB. This has made the IWB lessons go by much faster and smoother. My kids love it and it takes less time so they are able to use the board more. Of course I love it because I get more teaching done. Everyone wins. Thanks for giving me such great ideas, Shealee. You are awesome." -Hillary Wessel, PT

Learning from Others

"This is a wonderful way to "Shout Out" or brag about my two PTs, Jessica Guccione and Nate Yu. I not only have the opportunity to work with these fine colleagues, but I learn from them every week, and this makes me a better teacher. Thank you!!" -Janmarie Halliday, CT