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Supporting New Teachers

We Value You

Welcome, Site and District Administrators! We value your participation and partnership in this induction adventure. In addition to providing your new teachers with instructional leadership, you are also a key component of choosing our Mentors--those instrumental teacher leaders who coach new teachers through their first two years in this ever-changing field. 

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Simon Sinek explains how leaders can support millennials


How Administrators Can Support New Teachers

There are many ways you can support new teachers. Here are a few:

  • Give a school site orientation
  • Introduce new teachers to the office staff
  • Take them on a driving or walking tour of your school's attendance area
  • Reduce the amount of adjunct duties you require for new teachers (and their Mentors, if possible)
  • Perform "walk-throughs" once a week, spending at least five minutes in new teachers' classrooms
  • Leave specific positive feedback notes whenever you can
  • Arrange at least three meetings a year for just your new teachers during which you encourage them to ask questions 
  • Ask them to participate in school-wide decision making