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PYLUSD Induction Calendar

Triad Meetings

Building Relationships

Designed to foster positive relationships between site administrators, Mentors, and Candidates, the Triad Meeting occurs twice yearly, usually in November/December and again in April/May. A Mentor leader facilitates the meeting as Candidates from the school site share their goal for their upcoming ILP. Candidates complete a Triad Meeting form prior to this meeting and share it with their administrator for a signature at the conclusion of the meeting. Additionally, Triad Meetings:

  • Encourage more frequent dialogue between new teachers and administrators

  • Help Candidates and Mentors understand the roles and responsibilities of a site administrator in the context of Induction

  • Provide structured time for Candidates to share about student success and ask for specific support

  • Assist site administrators in learning about Induction activities

How to Prepare

  • Complete the triad form (see the documents page to make your own copy)
  • Print it out prior to the meeting OR bring a device on which you can access your Drive
  • Share your goals and other optional ideas at the triad meeting
  • Obtain your administrator's signature on the printed form OR share the form with your administrator and indicate where to e-sign (this might be tricky for your admin, so help him/her out by highlighting the box you want him/her to sign)
  • Complete the reflection notes