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University Credits

Get Credit for your Professional Learning!

Brandman University’s School of Extended Education is excited to offer graduate-level professional development credits to Participating and Consulting Teachers who have completed Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District’s Induction Program. The cost for this credit is $50 per credit.


Units allow employees to move up column(s) on the salary schedule. (Please call Lorri Singer at x82414 for information about step and column increases.) You can get retroactive units for Induction work only. Professional development units may only be attained for trainings attended during the current school year.

How Do I Calculate Units?

Every training you've attended throughout the year has a certain amount of hours attached to it. The hours totaled at the bottom of your PDExpress transcript are for ALL trainings attended while in this district. You'll need to calculate separately the hours for the current school year. Divide the hours by 15 and you'll see how many units you can apply to receive.


For example:

Title Date Status Hours
PYLUSD Induction Advice and Assistance Meeting 3/9/2017 Completed  2
CSUF Co-Teaching 2/2/17 Completed  3.25
Common Core and a New Definition of Literacy 9/3/2016 Completed  3.5
Thinking Maps for Secondary Teachers 9/20/2016 Completed  6
Aeries Gradebook Training for Elementary Teachers 8/14/2016 Completed  1
TOTAL HOURS     15.75

Total hours = 15.75


Total units = 1



Please review all of the information on this page. If you have questions about registration, please contact Massiel Perez from Brandman at: 562-756-0706 or


If you have questions about step and column increase, please contact Lorri Singer at x82414 or

Unit Information

Cost: $50/unit

Hours per unit: 15

Total units per year of Induction: 4

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